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ANGELGO, the Oracle of Revelations

  I present to you some images of the Angelgo Oracle, can also be used as a complement to Osazkïa Oracle. 

  35 euros international shipping include . 

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sac velours voyance medium clairvoyance kang
Oracle Angelgo David Mocq Sylvie Breysse
denier house unicorn giraffe angel couple passion justice divine stars stars
Visuel boîte du jeu

Newly author of the ANGELGO oracle, a divinatory game of 46 cards, he is part of a pop, surreal, offbeat universe with these strong images and colors, which arouses both questioning and introspection on the psyche. I called on Sylvie Breysse, the famous author of  l'Oracle Bleu and no less than four decks of cards, to create the visual of the game box with four hands.

Regarding the texts of this book, they are sometimes tinged with a touch of melancholy, perfectly assumed, it is also true somewhat " gothic ",  mais towards the light, always… it is aimed at lovers of the divinatory arts from the age of 16. 

oracle angelgo house metatron kate moss cut

I would like to thank Sylvie Breysse, since we created together, with four hands, the visual of the game box.

"Make an Oracle Cards is like writing"

« Some write hoping to be part of the great history of literature, others not to forget what they feel, others to do therapy, others to belong to social networks, others just to "piss of"  It's the same with cards – everyone does what he needs to do with them, when it's useful to him » .Virginie Despentes  (French author)

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