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Clairvoyant Medium, Fortune Teller, Virgo Rising Scorpion, author of different oracles, (also illustrator, graphic designer) a doctor in charge of research in a French institute prefaced one of my works, the Oracle Osazkïa.

I have faculties of precognition (parapsychological phenomenon consisting in making predictions about the future), I like to think that despite the fate that is incumbent on us all, we are faced with sometimes difficult choices.

I personally prefer then to speak of guidance when I help my fellow men.

Being only a beacon in the ocean of your doubts and uncertainties, guiding you in conscience, it is an invitation to listen to your inner voice.

I work with and without supports. A photo about you or someone else, is a significant plus for a consultation.

  The divinatory supports are only an evocation, when we speak of divination, we speak of Arts and not of sciences. It is a phenomenon that I cannot explain, sometimes fragile or dazzling, but which can enlighten you.

Best Wishes to all my followers around the world and by the way...

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