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Here are some testimonials collected

- " 3 years ago I phoned Sylvain for a consultation. I remember this sentence " In 3 years you move, you will have gone around your house .. " Truth. I'm right in it, and 3 years later! With all due respect.."


- Jennifer D

- " Sylvain, you were telling me about my romantic relationship and warning me about this man's immobility.. and suddenly in the middle of a discussion.. you told me that your guide was informing you that I was going to change cars. , that it happened that he spoke to you about material things like that all of a sudden.... And indeed three months later my car let me go.... And I confess to you that by returning this Thursday to your page I had the absolute feeling that I had to put a few words immediately to testify to this help that you have given me.... It's crazy!!! You had told me about my daughters, following the photos I had sent you of them.. and it turns out that with the passage of time... many things concerning them have been verified... in particular for my eldest... About my life as a couple you told me about two paths that presented themselves to me.. I followed one of them.. without regrets because I said to myself that if somewhere it was already written it is that I wasn't necessarily wrong. Your voice had comforted me enormously.. for me the voice is important.. it reflects the individual I have in front of me....and I felt confident with you.. 90% of the predictions are are carried out.. big thank you.. it allowed me to move forward serenely in my life with confidence.... "


- Sandrine from Reunion ​island

- "Hello, I wanted to testify to the quality of the work carried out with Sylvain. Indeed, two years ago now, I had met Sylvain as part of an orientation consultation on two main subjects which were the evolution of my professional career, as well as a complex sentimental relationship. At that time, he had predicted a drastic evolution of the commercial direction towards independence. It turned out that a professional failure brought me actually to build my own company and become an entrepreneur. With, moreover, a rather precise timing on the period of events. His clairvoyance was all the more precise in the universe of feelings since he had mentioned to me a relationship fusion with a woman of foreign origin, who would take time to build.Here again, her vision was the right one since 8 months later I was living this relationship with a woman of Italian origin. during these last years Sylvain has often been present in the structuring stages of my development, without judgment and with kindness. It is clear that even today, I await the realization of some of these premonitions. Let's hope that once again he was right." ​


- Arnaud D

 - "Sylvain is a person who has enlightened and guided me a lot without perhaps even realizing it, although he is sighted. I particularly appreciate his care, he has "cleared" me energetically. is good advice and always reminded me that I was free of my choices as I have my free will, what professionalism and proof of wisdom. "


- Diane, D / civil servant

- "Superb discovery that your oracle Osazkia, I never get tired, fluid, many paths, really a very beautiful achievement, in the top 10 of my 700 games"


- Christophe Colette

- " Hello. I received your deck of cards which I tried immediately and I must say that I was surprised by its power. It is easy to interpret and answers questions exactly. Thank you very much. With joy of heart,"


- Lysiane/ Therapist ​

- " Thank you for your frankness, gently, you were able to find the words to calm me down. Thank you, good luck to you." ​

 - Charlotte R

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